Navigating our way through uncharted times, this is how we are handling the affects of COVID-19

Deliveries - We are taking extra precautions when we are out on the road. Contact with recipients will be minimal to no contact. Drivers will still knock and you will also receive a text message to let you know when the flowers have arrived. We thank you for your understanding of the changing regulations we need to make as they arise. 

We will continue to monitor the advise from the government and keep you updated when we can.

Our shop front - We will continue to operate as per normal with the social distancing procedures in mind. We will continue to sanitise surfaces after each customer and do the very best we an to keep everyone healthy. You may notice our opening hours changing slightly, closing a little earlier on the quite days if we have to but we will continue to limit the disruption to operating hours to a minimum.

Online and Telephone Orders - these are still running as per usual and the easiest option to send some brightness in this gloomy time. 

Flower Supply - We will continue to buy as many flowers locally as we can. We will no doubt have some supply issues when we rely so heavily on freight flying from interstate. This will be monitored closely and we will update you with more information as it becomes available.